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Oct. 17th, 2007



Low fundage, takeing drastic measures

So, after phat Doctor bills the dryer died and then the altenator in the car was so despondent that it took it's own life.
Yep, we are broke as hell. So broke that I just canceled my wow account. I plan on coming back just as soon as we get some of these bills caught up. We also stopped netflix and are turning off the home phone and the cable.

Who want's to be the guild leader for the Dragon Con guild? My account doesn't officially shut off till Nov. 8.

Please somebody?

Sep. 24th, 2007



Sombody cast this on me at D*C :)

...cause man, did I ever get sick after the con, whew!

Wow Item Creator!

Sep. 3rd, 2007



thank you, and sorry!

I wanted to say thank you for an weekend of some mighty fine mmo discussions, and to apologize for those i inconvenienced with my apparently overly loud discussions with my fellow gamers.
I think i shall make water with a little less alcohol in it in the near future-
deathwell the unwittingly obnoxious undead mage in the back.


Just got back from the Con

Here's a couple of pics for now, if you got pics of WoW stuff at DC post them :)

It was great meeting all of you in person!!

The Trivia Challenge Winners!!

Aug. 23rd, 2007


Hello Dragon*Con WoW fans!

My name is Krystalle, and I write for a little site called WoW Insider. I have been working with Grimm on some of the World of Warcraft panels this year. Thanks to Grim and the gracious hosts of the Gaming track, WoW Insider will be hosting the World of Warcraft Meet & Greet on Friday night -- with some pretty schnifty WoW-schwag giveaways! 

But the purpose of today's post is to remind everyone that we're hosting the World of Warcraft costume contest on Friday Night as part of the WoW Meet & Greet. If you've got a pair of elf ears, some blue body paint, a Warlock costume, or just think you'd make the world's best Defias Rogue, pop by and be sure to show off your awesome costume for your shot at WoW swag! 

We'll be registering people for the costume contest at the Insider Meet-up being held at the Pulse Bar inside the Marriott on Thursday night from 9:00pm to 11:00pm, if you'd like to get that out of the way ahead of time.(No costumes required for the signup.)

Hope to see some of you there!


Aug. 14th, 2007



Dragon*Con MMORPG Panels - The Schedule!

This year, we'll be featuring game developers from Sony, FunCom, Turbine, and others who will answer your questions about your favorite games.  As a special bonus, WoW Insider will join us to discuss all things World of Warcraft (including the recently announced expansion!)  Those of you who participated in our panels last year know that we don't pull punches and aren't afraid to tackle controversial issues.  This is your chance to make yourselves heard, don't miss it!

Don't forget your costume on Friday night!  We'll be giving away prizes by the Kodo-load.

For full panel descriptions and participants, visit us at Dragon*Con MMO


Dragon*Con MMO Logo

Friday Aug 31

10:00 AM - Fallen Earth Demo

11:30 AM - Online Currency – How Virtual Wealth Makes a Real World Impact

1:00 PM - Guild Management

2:30 PM - MMO Obituaries and Post Mortem

4:00 PM - Upcoming Releases

5:30 PM - Anarchy Online

7:00 PM - Age of Conan Meet and Greet

10:00 PM - World of Warcraft Meet and Greet

Saturday September 1

10:00 AM - Is there more to Gaming than Fun?

11:30 AM - World of Warcraft Trivia Challenge

1:00 PM - World of Warcraft - Wrath of the Lich King

2:30 PM - Social Issues in MMO Gaming

4:00 PM - Is World of Warcraft 'an MMO on Training Wheels' ?

5:30 PM - MMO Design Workshop

Sunday September 2

10:00 AM - Guild Wars

11:30 AM - Star Wars Galaxies

1:00 PM - Everquest, 'I'm not dead yet!!!'

2:30 PM - Everquest 2 - Norrath Redux

4:00 PM - Age of Conan Demo

5:30 PM - City of Heroes/Villains - Puttin' on the Spandex

Monday September 3

11:30 AM - Lord of the Rings Online

1:00 PM - EVE Online, What about BoB?

2:30 PM - What do you want to see next year?

Aug. 13th, 2007



Even MORE WoW panels at D*C , 7 in all, woot!

Ok, this just keeps growing and growing! We now have two more WoW panels bringing the total to 7 in all. Also have added a new panelist, Jason White. Also, we now know the rooms and hotels each panel will be located in. Some are in the Hilton, some are in the Marriott. See the descriptions for times and locations.

1st Panel
The Newbie Area:
World of Warcraft- So you just downloaded that free 10 trial of the game and you don't know where to go or what to do? Need cash? Need to know what trade skills you should pick and why? How can I make the Auction House work for me? This panel is for you. Q&A, info and tips for people new to the world of WoW or just interested in the game. (Rod Rombauer, Sean Boyce, Jeanne Sanders, Jason White,Laurie Higgins) Friday 2:30pm-4pm Cherokee Room, Hilton

2nd Panel:
World of Warcraft Meet and Greet/ WoW Costume Contest!!!
Come one, come all! Represent the Horde or the Alliance in a Meet and Greet (that's con-speak for “party”) with Krystalle Voecks from WoW Insider (www.wowinsider.com). We'll be giving away free stuff by the Kodo-load and offering a sneak-preview of all of the fun stuff we'll be doing at Dragon*Con this year. Make sure you wear your costumes as we'll be giving away prizes for the best World of Warcraft costumes! FRIDAY 10:00 PM - Room M106,Marriott

3rd Panel:
World of Warcraft Trivia Challenge:
So you think you know it all about Azeroth? Prove it! Join us for
the World of Warcraft Trivia Challenge and test your skills against
your fellow fans. (Laurie Higgins, Kevin Stallard) Saturday 11:30am-1pm, Room M106,Marriott

4th Panel:
World of Warcraft- Film Festival featuring fan made music videos, drama, comedy, action, adventure and romance! Feel free to bring your own refreshments, this theater does not have a concession stand. (Wes Wilson, Laurie Higgins) Saturday 10pm-11:30pm, Cherokee Room, Hilton

5th Panel:
World of Warcraft - Wrath of the Lich King
Blizzard has announced the next expansion for World of Warcraft. Krystalle Voecks of WoW Insider (www.wowinsider.com) and Kevin Stallard will answer your questions about the upcoming release and discuss the implications of all of the new changes. Saturday, 1pm, Room M106,Marriott

6th Panel:
World of Warcraft 'an MMO on Training Wheels' ?
What has World of Warcraft done to become the de-facto standard for MMORPG's? This panel will discuss what WoW has done well and what other games could do to differentiate themselves. Join us as Krystalle Voecks from WoW Insider (www.wowinsider.com) and Kevin Stallard answer your questions about World of Warcraft (and ask a few of their own)Saturday, 4pm, Room M106,Marriott

7th Panel:
Hunka Hunka Burnin' Crusade:
World of Warcraft- Ever wondered why the heck you need all that rep? Which instances are right for you at your level? Just what exactly Is Eye of The Storm? Well, this panel is designed to be a round table discussion of all things Burning Crusade! Let your fellow questers be your guide to the biggest thing to happen since fleeing murlocs! (Sean Boyce, Rod Rombauer, Jeanne Sanders, Jason White, Laurie Higgins)Sunday 5:30pm-7:00 Cherokee Room, Hilton
IT - Teh Internets


so, uh..

Where were you all?  I was all set to /squee about Claudia Black and no one was on.  All weekend.  I logged in all sorts of times all weekend and saw no one on at all. 


In other news, I gave in to the whim and made a BElf Mage on Zul'Jin.  Woot.

Aug. 10th, 2007



Dragon*Con World of Warcraft Costume Contest

Friday Night @ 10:00 PM, we'll be hosting a World of Warcraft costume contest as part of the Meet and Greet with WoW Insider. (www.wowinsider.com)

We'll have prizes and all kinds of give-aways there, and we'll be presenting a sneak preview of our MMORPG panels for the weekend.

For more information, check www.dragoncon-mmo.org


Dragon*Con MMO

Aug. 6th, 2007



Blizzcon Costume Contest video

Some of these are crazy awesome!


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