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June 2010

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Come Home

eris18 in dc_wow

New member

Hey all!

I just joined this group and next year will be my first year at Dragoncon! I've been playing WoW for... two months now? Just thought I'd introduce myself....

HI! [insert big cheesy grin]



I play mostly on Horde on Echo Isles and Alli on Azuremyst.
I have both sides. I've got a night elf priest (Maeood after the wonderful ood from Dr. Who) on Archimonde, a human warlock on Manaroth, and I'm on the horde on one server who's name I can't remember as a troll hunter...
Wow. This is the first time EVER I've randomly ran into someone on any of the servers I play(ed) on! I started out on Mannoroth, but I'm so not about the PvP. I had a 70 Human Mage there before I transferred her off to Azuremyst. I still have a few lowbies there, but I don't play them. However, the husband is still there with two toons that he raids with.

Being as you're the Who fan, you'll definitely recognize one of my names and probably get most of the rest of them. Here are my toons: Morgainne - 70 Blood Elf Priest, Belatricks - 70 Undead Mage, Briarose - 70 Blood Elf Paladin, Rosalin - 37 Tauren Hunter (pet's named Adama), Ahnyanka - 20 Tauren Druid, Annanailo - 70 Human Priest, Laurana - 70 Night Elf Druid, and Rosetyler - 70 Night Elf Rogue. Those are the ones I'm playing now. I also have: Aerynsun, Orenishi, Kalee, Tyrol, Clairbear, and Zhaan. XD

Oh, my toon on Dragonblight is Ahnyanka, but I can't remember what class she is...it's been that long since I logged her on. I know she's a cow, though, and she's in the D*C guild.
Damn... Well, I'll definately get on Azuremyst and I want to transfer my undead mage to the DC guild. I just need to clean my place first (as I'm about to take up legal action against my apartment complex)...

But I'll definately hit you up!
Hehe, you have time. Servers are down until 11am PST.
Oh damn... that's right... It's tuesday!
Howdy!! Most of mine are on Lightbringer. I only have the one on the Dragonblight server for DC.
Welcome!! It's good to see some action in this group.

I play on Antonidas - main is Alliance but my old DC Toon Bridgid is Hordeside there.

I might reroll another Horde toon for the DC guild on Dragonblight though if people will be playing there again.

It'll be a bit later on though - my main's guild is in a major push to finish BT and get started on Sunwell before Wrath hits.